Don't make this mistake!

Confused-man1.jpgIt is a huge mistake to think that you can pass the all of the CHP exams that will be thrown at you without professional help and thorough preparation. The CHP Exams are not easy—they are not meant to be. Only 3 out of 10 candidates taking the POST pass it. And that's just the first step. That's right! 70% of applicants will fail. Let me show you why...

Here are some questions that are typical of what you will be asked during the CHP selection process.

See how many you can answer correctly, and with absolute confidence...

Judgement and Reasoning: Four witnesses describe a suspect, but there are differences in their descriptions. Can you figure out the most likely description?

A. The suspect wore a red shirt and blue sweat pants.
B. The suspect wore an orange sweatshirt and tan levis.
C. The suspect wore an orange shirt with black pants.
D. The suspect wore and orange shirt with blue pants.

Spelling: What is the correct word for this sentence? “The deputy gave his ____ that the report would be submitted on time.”

A.  asurance
B.  assurence
C.  assurance
D.  assureance

Vocabulary: Which word means the opposite of INDIGENT?

A.  cautious
B.  forthright
C.  wealthy
D.  provocative

Judgement and Reasoning: Witnessing a Drug Deal: You are a CHP officer assigned to a large public event and observe what appears to be a drug deal in progress. You see two teenagers exchange money. Both suspects suddenly see you and start running in opposite directions. What should you immediately do?

Judgement and Reasoning: Problem with another Officer: You and your partner arrest a suspect for a traffic warrant. You feel your partner failed to assist you in this arrest adequately. You felt his lack of action placed you in unnecessary danger. What should you do next?

CLOZE: The CLOZE is a method for measuring Reading Comprehension ability. Are you prepared to pass a 40 question CLOZE within a 40 minute time limit?

Psych Exam: You will be asked hundreds of questions like the following. Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree. Do you know what answers will get you eliminated?

  • I believe criminals are sometimes not punished severely enough.
  • I often meet people that irritate me.
  • I do not always tell the truth

CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis): The CVSA is similar to a polygraph test. Many honest people fail the CVSA because they don’t know how to handle it. Are you prepared to pass the CVSA?

I know what you're thinking, "How am I supposed to know the answers to questions like these—I'm not a trained CHP officer!"

You're right, you are not a trained CHP officer, but I will show you how to answer these types of questions and much more to prove you have 'The Right Stuff' to become a California Highway Patrol Officer.