Don't make this mistake!

Confused-man1.jpgIt is a huge mistake to think that you can pass the CHP exam without professional help and thorough preparation. The CHP Test is not easy—it's not meant to be. Only 3 out of 10 candidates taking the test pass it. That's right! 70% of applicants will fail.

Let me show you why...

The sample questions below are typical of what you will be asked during the CHP selection process.

See how many you can answer correctly, and with absolute confidence...

Question #1—Citation vs. Warning: Discretion is available to CHP officers to ticket traffic offenders, or to just issue a warning. Give examples where a warning would be appropriate, and explain why.

Question #2—Registering a Complaint: A person making a complaint about an auto theft seems confused and the facts are somewhat unbelievable. While taking the complaint what should you do?

Question #3—Witnessing a Drug Deal: You are a CHP officer assigned to a large public event and observe what appears to be a drug deal in progress. You see two teenagers exchange money. Both suspects suddenly see you and start running in opposite directions. What should you immediately do?

Question #4—Problem with another Officer: You and your partner arrest a suspect for a traffic warrant. You feel your partner failed to assist you in this arrest adequately. You felt his lack of action placed you in unnecessary danger. What should you do next?

Question #5—Demonstration Turns Violent: Upon arriving at a demonstration you observe two officers fighting with demonstrators. You pull your baton and go to help the other officers. A demonstrator not involved in the fight swings a broken bottle at you. What should be your immediate reaction and why?

Believe it or not, the answers to these questions are simple and straightforward.

We know what you're thinking, "How am I supposed to know the answers to questions like these—I'm not a trained CHP officer!"

You're right, you are not a trained CHP officer, but we'll show you how to answer these types of questions and much more to prove you have 'The Right Stuff' to become a California Highway Patrol Officer.